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12 Black-owned businesses that you need to buy right now

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Company computer

Looking for something to spend the money on? Try these shiny spots (Photo: Jamii)

If you are looking for a way to support the black community that goes beyond hashtags and Instagram messages, buying black people is a good place to start.

From cosmetics to furniture, children’s clothing and toys, British black entrepreneurs make amazing products that are often overlooked.

Kalia Ismayne, then founder of Jamii, a discount card and discovery platform that makes it easy to find and buy in the best independent black shops in the UK.

She said it is more important than ever to support black companies, both by spending money and disseminating information. According to Halia, supporting black businesses is a great way to strengthen local communities.

This means more jobs, Halia said. Black companies are more likely to hire local workers, which hampers many of the problems faced by undeclared people in applying for jobs and working in their workplaces.

They glorify the black culture and serve society. Many black entrepreneurs are inspired by their own culture, and some are designed to provide access to services specifically tailored to the needs of the community.

It argues that supporting the activities of the black market makes other companies responsible.

Many large companies support minorities, but do nothing, she says. If you choose a black society, you vote with your books, which gives you the opportunity to create a world in which you want to live and at the same time keep others at a distance.

Here are 12 options for black companies that you should already support:

Innocent hair

Easy to use and effective for African hair (Photo: Innocent hair care)

High quality, handmade, sustainably sourced African hair care products, made from natural and organic ingredients from British suppliers and packaged in recycled glass.


Try this luxury chocolate candle (photo: Home Decorations).

Hand poured, highly scented vegan soy candles fill your home with delicious fragrances. Our favorite flavor is banana bread!

Y-pass kit

Update your training wardrobe (Photo: Y Fit)

Specially created sports brand specializing in clothing for fitness and leisure. Y-Fit was founded by the company’s founder, Mark, to address the lack of diverse representation in fitness clubs and is suitable for both men and women.

Muffin Sisters

For all new parents (pictures: Muffin sisters)

As colourful children’s accessories, inspired by African culture, the Muffin Sisters were created with the simple purpose of preserving the legacy for the next generation.

They want to bring joy, happiness and inspiration to babies and families by providing unique African-inspired products.


This bread is famous for good reasons (picture: Sam Barnes picture).

Tottenham’s Ghanaian bakery is well known in North London and beyond and has built a reputation for its homemade sweet and savoury pastries.

Opened in 1995, Uncle John’s Uncle John’s Bakery has become the name of the Afro-Caribbean community in London and has recently introduced an online ordering system for those of us who do not live in the area.

Mr. Blackman

Grapefruit and caramel tobacco – delicious (Photo: M. Blackman)

Mr. Blackman’s mission is to create carefree products for men who want to look good. Since there are no products for men with African hair, Mr. Blackman has developed a beard care line that is environmentally friendly, contains no harmful chemicals and is suitable for all beards.


Charming (Photo: Kitsch Noir)

Greeting cards and accessories inspired by the British black culture. Kitsch Noir is a series of whimsical, funny and modern products that let the voice of the underrepresented be heard.

Aaron Wallace

The formulation for black hair (Photo: Aaron Wallace)

Aaron Wallace’s company of non-toxic hair and skin care products for black men was founded by former hairdresser Aaron to solve many problems related to Afro hair. Enriched with black cumin oil and mango butter, the range of blacks inspires to be the best.


Light up your life with this new lamp (Photo: Binnie on the run).

Maatwerk Binny is a British brand that makes household items and gifts from West African fabrics. The range includes cushions, lampshades, aprons, kitchen gloves, table runners and card holders.

Ghanaian puzzle game

Ideal for children stuck at home (Photo: Very mysterious)

A puzzle brand that tells children and young people about the peoples of Africa and the Caribbean and the history of Black Britain.

Face mask

Treat yourself to a little self-service (Photo: Kia Cosmetics)

Hair and skin care products that contain truly natural ingredients that nourish and keep hair and skin healthy.

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Yellow jacket

We love this colour (photo: Velvière).

A new voice in modern, luxurious fashion. The outerwear distinguishes itself decisively from the standard grey dresses and nose dresses and introduces a strong colour injection that was lacking in the men’s clothing.

Meanwhile, women’s clothing is produced with style and elegance, creating flattering silhouettes and expressive images.

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