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2020 Cal Poly Spring Football Prospectus •

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SUN LUISE OBISPO – For Cal Paulie’s soccer program, the off-season was nothing short of normal.

It all started when 11-year-old head coach Tim Walsh was sent to his 25th birthday party. November, two days after the Mustangs, the 2019 campaign ended with a 28-21 victory in northern Colorado.

Seventeen days later, Bo Baldwin, the head coach of East Washington – the 2010 NCAA football champion – who has spent the last three seasons as attack coordinator and quarterback coach in Calais, returned to the helm, this time with the Mustangs.

Baldwin supported the bears in their victory over Illinois on December 30 at Levi’s Santa Clara Stadium and spent the first month of the new year at the American Football Coaches Association convention in Nashville, where he gathered the coaching staff and recruited potential student athletes.

In February, it was time to meet the coaches to develop a philosophy, both offensive and defensive, and to meet the players individually to determine their schedules and get to know them better.

At the end of February and the beginning of March it was time for Baldwin to make a tour through California to meet and greet Cal Paulie alumni, sponsors, supporters and others connected with the Mustangs. The 12th. She stopped in March.

Due to the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus, spring football at the Big Sky Conference was suspended. The 23rd. Spring football has been cancelled.

We had hoped to return to the field, but you have not, Baldwin said of the decisions.

Of the 13 schools in Big Sky, only UC Davis was able to finish its spring camp (actually the winter camp since the end of March 6). Portland completed 14 of the 15 workouts, only the spring game was cancelled, while Montana, southern Utah, northern Colorado and Weber completed two to six workouts.

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The other seven schools, including Cal Paulie, have yet to catch the ball and will not do so this spring.

We just have to be strategic in what we do, Baldwin said. Just like when we can go to a concert again, it’s so far out of our control. It’s certainly no advantage not to have her, but at the same time everyone is fighting her now.

Sometimes it’s more important than the Spring Ball what you do in terms of weight training, lifting and everything from the highlight of the Spring Ball to the training camp in August, Baldwin added. We’re all in the same boat. It’s hard. It’s about being able to control everything you can do without too much stress or worrying about things you can’t control.

We’re going to meet the players more, in shifts, and keep in touch with the boys and make sure they get this or that training. We keep in touch, we make sure they’re okay and we find ways to stay active. We do our best to prepare the online courses and make sure they are ready when they arrive on day 6. April included.

At the moment the players are doing movement exercises, working in the gym, combining what they have already done (assistant coach for electricity and air conditioning) Jordan Davis, drilling ropes for bags and doing different exercises so you can see where the players are fit, where they have been in uniform. And we walked with them in different sprints to feel where we are as a team, Baldwin said.

When the 2020 campaign ends with the games on 5 and 12 December, it will be a great success. With the Louisiana Monroe Football Unit (ULM) and Cal Schools from September, Mustang fans will experience many changes.

You’re about to experience an exciting crime, Baldwin promises. Our goal will be to be extremely balanced, so that we can keep guessing the defense and not know exactly what we are going to do.

We have an attack in which we can expand the field both vertically and horizontally. There will be enough of us to use all our strength. Our package and playbook contain enough material to allow us to use the highlights we have listed.

The basic 3-4 defense remains on the table, with the ability to get in and out, Baldwin added.

If and/or when the autumn camp opens at the end of July, Baldwin and his supervisors will focus on the base.

We’re going to develop a framework for what will be in line with what we do on the ground, Mr Baldwin said. In the first few days the circuits will be smaller and more basic, we think for example that there is the right position of the O-line, we think there is the right position of the wide receiver where we want to focus our eyes on the linebacker – just really basic things, and then work on basic movements and more and more progress on some schematic things as we move.

We need to develop better passport protection and we’re going to introduce a new system and new terminology, both offensive and defensive, Baldwin added. It will be like building a foundation, building a house this way, the right foundation, the right little things in terms of technology. We can’t build this thing from scratch. You have to lay the foundation stone.
With around 80 returnees, there will be 28 newcomers who have already signed the National Memorandum of Understanding in December and February, as well as a small number of treks. Will one of Mustang’s freshmen touch football in the game this fall?

It’s hard to say, Mr. Baldwin. Anyone with a height and a little more height might have a chance. Whether it’s a foul or a defence, guys who can offer a little more length have a chance to fill in some holes. Now it’s a gambling game. Coaches are reluctant to contact you because you don’t really know. The boys should come and make some money.

The quarterback employees always participate in the discussion before each season. This fall everything will be the same as before, but Baldwin soon realized that despite the fact that starter Jelen Hamler is back for the second season, the quarterback’s position, as well as all other positions, both offensive and defensive, are fully occupied.

After all, not only the position of the quarterback, but everywhere the players understand that the positions are wide open and that no one has proven anything in attack or defense, Baldwin said with an accent.

It’s going to be a great opening, Baldwin added from a group of flag men. Jelen has done some very good things, and I wonder what he can get back. I know it was another crime, but I wonder what he can bring to the table.

As a rookie in the red skirt, Hamler made 57 percent of his passes (62 out of 108) at 1,156 yards and a dozen touchdowns. It’s only been intercepted five times. Hamler also mentioned his number 194 times in the triple version, with 522 yards and nine extra points.

Junior Kyle Reed is back, too. In the second quarter of the season finale in North Colorado, he went to Humler and scored 143 yards and a touchdown, scoring four out of nine assists for 45 yards while Cal Paulie played the 14-point deficit for a seven-point victory.

Other participants this fall included young Conor Bruce, newcomer Cole Powers and two newcomers: young Hunting Rake from Monterey Peninsula College and newcomer Jackson Pavitt from Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa, California, and Calick Powelette from Veterans Memorial High School in San Antonio, Texas.

It opens wide, rehearsed Baldwin. I can’t tell you much because I haven’t felt it yet.
Look at the other positions, starting with the attack, which probably uses a three wide receiver formation, a running back and a tight end for most matches:

Current refunds

The term slotback is no longer used, the position of the rear runner is led by Dai Trans Sampson, Cal Pauls 23. 1000 yard tower with 1037 yards and eight touchdowns in the tenth grade as a full back a year ago. Tran-Sampson held four 100-yard games and scored several touchdowns in three leagues.

Also included are Drew Hernandez, who scored 399 yards and a touchdown in 2019 as a junior, and Lepi Lataimua, who also scored 274 yards and a touchdown as a junior.

Other runners on the list include Junior Will Samon, sophomore Mark Biggins, and Chacobe Harper’s freshman red shirt students Sam Stewart and Dorian Mars.

All the way back.

If you need full support, Tran Sampson, Stuart and Samon will occupy this space. Simone recorded 12 meters on a single aircraft carrier in Idaho a year ago.

Wide receiver

Da J.Y. Koski, the main receiver of Cal Paulie, has not come in the last three seasons, the catching tasks will fall into the hands of senior Quentin Harrison as the left receiver, second Xavier Moore as the right receiver and junior Elie Shelton as the F position, although there are several substitutes that can also be used.

Harrison made 17 passes in 2019, including five touchdowns, while Moore made three passes, including an eight-yard count against an Oregon and a Shelton.

Students C.J. Cole and Leonte Huerta Moore (left), Juanie Campbell and Ryan McNab (right) in F-position and Mitch Anderson (right) in red shirt, are also prominently present on the spring depth map.

Campbell missed most of the 2019 season due to injuries in the last four games to save his red jersey option. In 2018, as a junior, he intercepted three passes and walked for 195 yards and two touchdowns. McNab, also a special team owner, missed most of the 2019 campaign, also due to injuries.

tight end

Cal Paulie has rarely finished since the Triple Option Act came into force in 2007. In fact, Nick White was the only close end of the 2018 and 2019 lists, which were mainly used for short yards.
White returns in a Mustang uniform last season and is fought out by Junior Michael Roth and runner-up Ryan Rivera.

Attack Line

Tyler Weisenhant (eight starts on the left flank), Paul Trujillo-Langdon (11 starts in the middle) and David Chelsen (six starts on the right flank) – have all exhausted their potential, making 60 percent of the positions on the attacking front available for replacement.

Junior Nicolo DiFronzo, who started the last five games on the right leg instead of the injured Chelsen, returns with left back Wade Willet, who started all 11 games a year ago. There is also De’John Stuckey, who started eight of the eleven games with a right tackle, and Vatulele Finau, who started five times with a left tackle and a right tackle. Both sophomores.

American Samoa’s Apefai Taifane, who missed the 2019 season due to an injury and made seven starts in the left back in 2018 as a junior, also returns with Junior Drew Gilmore. Dominic Stellini-Splan, who was transferred from City College in San Francisco, which blushed last year, is in the middle of the 2020 depth chart.

On the way to the jumping camp, on the depth map left was Gaitan, left Willet, right Stuckey and Finau, right DiFronzo and Junior Garrett Weichmann, who switched from Orange Coast College and used his red T-shirt when he was captured on the right a year ago.

Among the young players ready to challenge the veterans in the forward line are the newcomers Payson Campisano, Charles Lincoln, Andrew Cockley and Mohab Wahdan, as well as the sophomore students of JT Lyon, Daniel Machado and Kyle Reis. Second year student Eli Otero, a translator from American River College, is also on the right track.

Defence line

They are one of the most experienced groups in the 2020 Mustangs, as Junior Miles Cecil on defense and Senior Ryan Bohm on defense both started all 11 games a year ago.

The nostril was taken by Mr Richard Watkins (seven starts), Junior Puono Faaga (one start) and Mr Jojo Falo (one start), who were injured at the end of the season in the first offensive game of the 2019 season and a red medical t-shirt.

Competitors at the start: Senior Saiya Fonogaloa and Junior Kane Sua in the hold, Senior Chris Flood in the defence hold and Senior Griffin Kemp and Junior Chase Wyndham at the end of the defence fight.

External suppliers

Matt Wright, who still has a year to go with Rush after 12 of the six laps, has finished training but senior Joey Ruiz (six laps, 39 laps, five for the lost yard) is back in the position renamed Buck.

Lance Vecchio (eight tackles in 11 games) and Dustin Green (two tackles in five games) also compete for the championship.

In Sam, Grade 10 student Aaron Cooper returns to Will’s position after 11 starts in 2019 and has 67 laps (30 solos), including six for a lost yard, one bag and seven lane breaks.

Also on the Cooper depth and complexity map is second year Corey Thomas, who has played all 11 games and completed five assignments a year ago.

Inner seals

As with the external backlines, one starter is missing and the other is back.

Matt Shotwell returns to Will for last season at Cal Poly and tries to consolidate his leadership position in his team – only 89 shots a year ago. Also on his statistics sheet were 7.5 grenades for the lost yard, two interceptions, a few breaks and a forced ball loss.
Scotwell faces challenges with senior Laipeli Palu, who played six games with one start and as junior did 14 exercises, and junior Aarmon Juving, who played four games each year to save his red jersey.

Linebacker Mike Nick Navarro finished in eight races last fall with 32 laps, but second Timothy Miller (9 races, 1 lap) and Junior Fenton Will (11 races, 3 starts, 38 laps) are back on the grid. Joseph (Santa Maria), high school graduate.

Another candidate for Mike is newcomer Judea Moon, who last fall, in a red T-shirt, gained experience in four games this season.

The corners

A major blow to the defense was dealt by five players occupying four positions in the 44 starts: corner kick Kevin Howell, Cameron Dennis and Sharkey Reza and jumps by Carter Nichols and Keith Humphrey.

Senior Jaylen Morgan played four games a year ago and second D’Angelo Mackenzie played three, but that’s how much experience you get when you go around the corner.

On the corner of the Mackenzie border are Crump, Morgan and Julian Reed, a sophomore student transferred from American River College, candidates. The trio on the corner of the field consists of Sr Ben Hakimi, a rookie in red skirt Isaiah gernagin, and Jamarry Jackson, a junior transferred from San Mateo and North Arizona College.


We’re a little more experienced in returning safes than in corner safes.

Veterans include Sister Freddy Gaines (11 games) at the safe limit and Sister Bradley Mickey (21 rounds, one interception, three interceptions in 11 games) and Junior Brandon Davis (five rounds, one recovery from a drop in 11 games) at the safe limit.

Junior Caden McClafan, a transfer from Foothill College, and Matthew Stuppelo III, a transfer from Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, will compete for playing time at the safety limit. A year ago, they were both in red shirts.

On the safety front, Mickey and Davis will be joined by the new Dawson Hirst, who played three games in a red jersey during his season a year ago, and the young Trevor Owens, who was transferred from Butte College.

Task forces

The kicking body doesn’t seem to have been damaged, probably for a few more years.

Sophomore Colton Theaker made all 34 of his 34 PAT shots and scored seven of the 13 goals of the field with 52 meters against UC Davis. In addition, the average was 59.9 yards per tee with 22 touchbacks.

In 2019, Junior Mitch Souza averaged 42.4 yards by 54 pounds, with 12 pounds on the 20-yard line, 11 fairway catches and nine pounds at 50 yards or more.

Matthew Hoffman was red last year and will support both Theaker and Susa.

Mickey and McNab are expected to enlist, while Senior Sawyer Sobelman will return to serve as Long Mustang.

Who will make the shot and the first shots will be determined in the fall, but the main candidates are Mickey, Campbell and Moore for the shot and Harrison and Moore for the first shots. Mickey took an average of 6.2 yards for the return of the ticket in 2019, while Harrison took an average of 19.5 yards and Moore an average of 21.6 yards for the return of the ticket.


After several FBS opponents that will open the 2020 season, Cal Paulie faces five FBS schools that reached the play-offs last fall, including San Diego in the house opener on March 19. September and the four Big Sky schools that reached the low season.

We’ve been on this road before, Baldwin said. I see this as a great opportunity for the boys. It will be a long journey, the first time this year. In the beginning it’s not always as difficult as in the middle of the year. You have so much time to prepare for your first trip.

Mustangs take third place. October in the state of Weber and visit the 7. November Sacramento, two schools share the title of Big Sky 2019. Cal Paulie will also be in Montana on the 26th and Montana on September 10th. October, two more Big Sky teams in the playoffs.
It’s going to be a big problem, but it’s an opportunity, Baldwin said. I’ll tell the team.

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