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Administration of Noida clarifies: Maids, drivers can work in non-containment zones, RWAs can not stop.

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Published : 20. May 2020. 18:35:14


The statement states that the BWA may restrict the application of the instructions to compulsory wearing of a protective mask, prescribed hygiene, temperature controls and personal hygiene precautions. (Photo: Abhinav Sacha)

Gautama Bud Nagara administration said Wednesday that maids, drivers and service personnel will be allowed to enter uninsulated areas during Lockdown 4.0. This statement was made in response to the fact that domestic charities (RSS) have restricted the access of domestic staff.

In a press release, the administration stated that this personnel may enter areas outside the restricted area with the permission of the resident and the maintenance personnel.

The statement further states that SHEV may only impose restrictions if it complies with the guidelines for mandatory wearing of protective masks, mandatory hygiene, thermal control and personal hygiene precautions. The RWA can also configure an internal system to control the number of people who can enter the lift.

The national guidelines issued by the Ministry of the Interior clearly state that the free movement of persons is permitted between 7 p.m. and 7 p.m. in all areas except the deterrent zones. However, public transport for this transport will not go to the red and orange zones.

At the beginning of the day, the administration issued new guidelines for blockade 4.0 and maintained its position on restricting traffic between Delhi and Noida.


According to the guidelines, a Neuida resident may take two persons in a private car in addition to the driver. In three-wheel public transport, only two persons other than the driver may be admitted per order.

During a meeting with the trade associations, the administration and shop owners agreed to open a 50% market one day and the other day. Retailers have decided to self-regulate because neighbouring shops are open on different days. The weekly bazaars are not approved and the shops have to close at 19.00 hours.

According to the centre’s instructions, schools, shopping malls, cinemas, swimming pools and gymnasiums are closed. Restaurants can only be operated if they offer take-away or home delivery services. Religious, social, cultural and political gatherings will continue. By order of the State, the administration has given permission to open sports stadiums without the presence of spectators.

Interstate coach travel is not allowed and the state government will give special instructions to this effect in accordance with the blocking order.

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