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Clip Crawls Out of the Woods; Updated Drive-In Locations

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As mentioned before, IFC Midnight will not only present The Wretched on the 1. Release is possible on digital and VOD platforms, but on the same day the film will also be screened in a limited number of theatres across the country.

The Wretched, written and directed by Brett and Drew Pierce (Deadheads), follows a dashing teenage girl struggling with her parents’ inevitable divorce and confronts a thousand-year-old witch who lives next door under the skin of a woman.

For those who want to spend a night in the city, The Wretched is currently available for recording in California (Sacramento and Montclair), Arizona (Glendale), Florida (Ocala) and Georgia (Vidalia), as well as for VOD from January 1. May; and others in Tennessee (Sparta) and Georgia (Jesup) at 15. May with a lot of TB inputs. The full list is below.

The IFC draws Bloody Eggestyled’s attention to the fact that there are 321 records across the country that they hope to expand when they open in the spring. For those who drive cars, this is the first time in modern times that they play an independent pioneering role.

Follow the updates and ticket sales on the official website.

Meanwhile look at this brand new clip from the deep forest where a boy sees something crawling out of a scary hole under a tree.

Interestingly, the IFC also notes that Brett’s father and Drew Pierce are actually Bart Pierce, who had a stop-motion effect on the Evil Dead. Much of his inspiration came from his early years on the set. Evil Dead also played a drive-in in his first race because he had no audience and had problems getting into the usual theatres. Although this is not quite the case with The Wretched, other circumstances have put this film back on track, and I think that’s a nice positive thing during the pandemic – the return of these horror films to their natural habitat – a family tradition in many ways!

The rogue stars John Paul Howard (Hell of High Tide), Piper Kurda (It wasn’t me), Azi Tesfay (Superstar) and Kevin Beagley (Netflix download).

Meegan did Fantasy Pathetic for us last year, he writes: The Pierce brothers have invented a new dark fairy tale that the midnight crowd will love.

First orders in progress:

King Drive-In //Russellville, AL
West Wind Glendale Drive-In // Glendale, AZ
West Wind Drive-In //Sacramento, CA
Mission Tiki Drive-In //Montclair, CA
Ocala Drive-In //Ocala, FL
Starlight Drive-In Theatre //Atlanta, GA
Raleigh Road Open Theatre //Henderson, NC
Highway 21 Drive-In //Beaufort, SC
Stardust Drive-In Theatre //Watertown, TN
Tascosa Drive-In Theatre //Amarillo, TX
Galaxy Drive-In Theatre //Ennis, TX
Hollywood film //Martinsville, VA

Design loan : Matt Desiderio – Thanks to IFC Midnight

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