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Cowboys ‘Ideal Landing Spot’ for TE Delanie Walker

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Delany Walker


Delany Walker

The Dallas Cowboys have the opportunity to replace Jason Witten, 38, with Delaney Walker, 35.

NFLAnalysis.net has added the Cowboys to the list of four ideal seats for the former narrow-ended Tennessee Titans.

The Dallas Cowboys’ attack has something to please you between the wide reception area, Ezekiel Elliot in the back and Duck Prescott in the middle. It is also possible to include a veteran like Delaney Walker in the close rotation at the end.

After Jason Witten’s departure to the Las Vegas Raiders, Blake Jarvin will try to show the cowboys what he is capable of. For the rest of this group of positions there are uncontrolled options that apply to a position.

Having Walker in the mix would add at least one older element to positional combat. Jarwin plays behind his back to a limited extent and could help him stay healthy while giving the cowboys more depth in their position.

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Walker’s background

In 2006, in the sixth round of the Central Missouri round, Walker joined the NFL of the San Francisco 49ers, where he spent his first seven seasons. He made 123 shots at 1465 meters and eight touchdowns in 99 games (40 starts) in San Francisco and reached the Super Bowl in 2012.

The following year Walker signed a four-year contract with the Titans. And because it is a good wine, it has improved with age and made three Pro Cups in a row in 2015-17. In 2015, he gave up his career with 1,088 yards and six TDs on 94 grapples. In 2016 and 2017 he went through 800 starting positions before losing most of the 2018 campaign due to an ankle injury.

The injury continued last season, limiting Walker to 21 strikes for 215 yards and two points in seven races. Tennessee released him last March.

Walker would have aroused the interest of many teams, including the Packers, Colts and Redskins, shortly after his release. However, he has never visited a free agent and continues to languish on the open market.

Odds of drawing with Dallas

They’re not very good. For example, the Cowboys already have Witten’s successor on the roster; his name is Blake Jarvin, who resigned the team for a four-year, $24.2 million expansion earlier this offseason. Dallas also appealed to former TE boss Blake Bell, the dominant blocker, to assist Dalton Schultz Peak in the fourth round of 2018.

For both of us, as good as he is, we’re not sure what Walker has to offer at this late stage of his career, especially with a grumpy ankle. Father time is invincible, and Walker’s body can break. Cowboys are all too aware of the danger of putting a high-ranking statesman in position.

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