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Delhi Minister of Health Satyendar Jain, AAP MLA Atishi Test Covid positive

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Delhi Health Minister Satiendar Jain and MP AAP Atishi tested positive for the coronavirus, officials said on Wednesday, while the Home Affairs Union Ministry diagnosed Covid-19 in the country’s capital at Rs 2,400, in order to significantly reduce the cost of testing for the infection and help the average citizen.

In Delhi, 2414 new cases of the coronavirus were reported, the highest daily rate in the city. According to a medical bulletin released Wednesday night, the number of deaths due to the disease was over 47,000, while the number of deaths due to the disease increased to 1,904.

In a related case, the Supreme Court warned the government of Delhi against shooting a messenger because it had taken note of a statement against a videotape doctor and exposed the situation here in the government hospital.

According to the Home Office of the association, Covid-19 studies will be carried out from Thursday using the new rapid antigen method approved by the Indian Medical Research Council, and Delhi will give priority to these test kits. According to him, 169 test centres have also been set up throughout the capital.

In accordance with the guidelines of SM @AmitShah, offer help to an ordinary person. The report of the #Covid19 High Level Expert Group on Testing, which was received by @MoHFW_INDIA, was then forwarded to the government of Delhi for processing. It was decided to determine the speed of the test at the level of 2,400 rupees, a representative of the Ministry of the Interior said on Twitter.
The fee for the coronavirus test used to be Rs. 4.500.

Following the decision of Interior Minister Amit Shah to suspend the Covid-19 tests on 15 and 16 September, the Covid-19 tests were suspended. In order to double the number of samples collected in Delhi on 14 June, 16,618 samples were taken, compared to 4,000 to 4,500 per day until 14 June. June, the Ministry announced.

A spokesman said that in order to better map the contacts in the local areas of Delhi between the 15th and 16th century, a new map of the local areas of Delhi had to be drawn up. On 16 June a medical examination was started and 1,776,692 of the 242 local areas with 2,30,466 inhabitants were interviewed. The remaining costs will be covered until the 20th day after the event. June.

However, it should be noted that of the 503 isolation cars used in Delhi for Covid-19 patients, 317 will be ready Wednesday night and the rest on Thursday, Northern Railway said. This creates more beds for coronavirus patients.

Minister of Health Jane and her colleague Atishi also received a positive result on the coronavirus.

The 55-year-old priest was taken early Tuesday morning to Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital (RGSSH) and tested negative for the coronavirus. He was tested again this morning for the coronavirus, which is positive. They say he’s stable.

On Sunday, Jane attended a crucial meeting on coronavirus control with the Shah, Deputy Governor Anil Bayjal, Prime Minister Manish Sisodia, Union Health Minister Harshe Vardhan and other senior government and centre officials in Delhi.
Earlier, AAP GND Vichesh Ravi (Carol Bagh) and Rajkumar Anand (Patel Nagar) were tested for coronavirus.

Prime Minister Arvind Cairival said Atishi played an important role in the fight against the coronavirus and hoped to recover quickly.

Thank you for all your love and good wishes! I want to reassure everyone that I’m okay. Ever since I got the test results back, I’ve been in domestic segregation. Fully equipped with fruit, vitamin C and an oximeter to monitor oxygen levels, Atishi Twitter.

Atishi Marlena

AAP Atishi Marlena

Keyrival also participated in a high-level meeting of the Prime Minister with other prime ministers on Wednesday to discuss strategies to combat the pandemic. Delhi, however, is one of the states that did not want to make a statement at the meeting, said an official.

On Twitter, Cairival said Delhi may need more intensive care units in the coming days.

We may need more I.C.U.’s in the next few days. Doctors from our Del Gogh hospitals discussed how the number of intensive care units (ICU) could not be increased, twittered Keyrival.

Because the FIR was taken against a doctor, the Supreme Court asked the Government of Delhi why such an action was taken against a doctor who worked in an LNP hospital and was suspended because of the broadcast of the video.
The authorities should stop harassing him, said a panel of judges led by Judge Ashok Bhushan, noting that doctors and nurses are soldiers of the crown and should be protected.

Northern Railway announced that of the 503 isolation wagons used in Delhi for Covid 19 patients, 317 will be ready Wednesday night and the rest on Thursday.

Officials said trainers were deployed to nine posts in the capital following Shah’s announcement as part of measures to contain the pandemic.

Rajiv Chaudhary, General Manager of the North and North Central Railway, said that all the cars had been delivered and that the installation of screens and curtains, the installation of bins, the cleaning of the taps and the cleaning of the oxygen bottles had been completed.

Sisodia, who visited one of Shakur Basti’s facilities, said a sharp rise in temperature and heat would make it difficult for medical staff to work with heavy equipment.

We are doing everything we can to improve the infrastructure and find a solution to this problem so that we can start deploying staff and receiving patients in these facilities, said Mr. Sisodia.

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