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Four pro ‘Fortnite’ players have been banned after FNCS cheating controversy

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Epic Games has made Fortnite Battle Royale one of the most popular and profitable video games of all time. Not only did the video game developer make a huge profit, but the most experienced gamers did, and some of them even made millions of dollars. Each season players have the opportunity to participate in the most important official tournaments in the game, earn money and qualify for larger tournaments.

The Fortnite World Championship will probably not take place this year, but that does not mean that the Fortnite developer will not be organizing other tournaments with cash prizes.

The first week of the Fortnit series ended recently, but it was not without controversy. Epic Games ended by banning four professional players from cheating, and once again the community is divided because some players are forbidden to protect members, while others believe that Epic has made the right decision.


In NA East, the duo Slacks and Case took first place, followed by Creo and Bucquet.

The total prize money for the league series is $5 million, and for the first week, Slackie and Keys received $4,500, or $2,250 each. The second-place team would win $4,200 ($2,100 apiece), but Epic Games forbade it.

A user of the Droxid tweeter placed a video recording of these two controls to prevent storm surges. Many Fortnite Battle Royale players are familiar with the concept of storm surge and know that it can be a big problem.

Basically, this mechanism forces players to hurt their opponents, and if they don’t, they lose their health and eventually die. The storm tide is there, so players don’t camp too hard, and some players struggle against it.

As can be seen in the video above, the above teams were caught exchanging images with each other to prevent the storm surge in later stages of the game.

They did it in several parts, not just one, which gave them a huge and unfair advantage over their opponents. In one video you can even see how Bukka crossed the finish line defenselessly, because he knew he wouldn’t bring the opponent to the finish.

Epic games were soon banned

Before the start of the new competitive season, Epic Games has introduced strict rules for the competitive game at Fortnite Battle Royale. These rules state that players may also be forbidden to signal other players with stone swings, let alone to avoid storms with trademark swings. A video game developer banned four players for 60 days, which was a surprise but a good decision.

In the past, a game developer has received a lot of complaints about cheaters, and it’s nice to see them doing something with it. Of course the exiled players weren’t happy and apologized.

I wish we had a chance to explain/protect it so that not everyone jumps into the group.
Would you also like Fortnite to conduct an investigation or ask us questions?

– Creo (@KreoFN) 23. March 2020

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