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Juwanna Mann Star Gets Arrested for Stealing $200 Worth of Groceries

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Star Huwanna’s husband, Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. was arrested for stealing $200 worth of food. According to the authorities, Nunez Jr. left the L.A. grocery store without paying and returned at the end of the week. The police authorities also claim that the actor’s credit card was refused when he decided to load his car and walk out the door. However, Nunez Jr. has his own version of events that is different from what the authorities say.

When Miguel A. Nunez Jr. returned to the shop after the goods had been stolen, he was recognized by the staff and was not allowed to return. He was then placed under civil arrest and waited for the police to arrive. When LAPD showed up at the store, he was subpoenaed for shoplifting and released. Due to the current situation, the police do not prosecute people for minor offences. He has to pay a fine of up to $1,000, which makes his promotion a little more expensive with $200.

Starsman Juwanna says the rows were too long when the food was first stolen and he didn’t want to wait, so he ran away. He didn’t mention that law enforcement reported that his credit card had been declined. He claims that he only returned to the store to pay for the products mentioned. Anyway, the police didn’t believe her story, but they brought it up. Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. uses social distance as his main line of defense, which makes sense.

Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. has directed many films and television shows over the years, so he was so recognizable when he tried to go back to the grocery store. He played a supporting role in The Return of the Undead and later appeared in the CBS series Tour of Duty. He has also participated in Harlem Nights, Action Jackson, Street Fighter, For Rich of Purer, Leprechaun 4 : In space and a ton of other landing projects, the lead role in Juwanna Mann in 2002.

Huwanna Mann was not a blockbuster and critics panicked everywhere when he arrived. It currently has a freshness value of 10% for rotten tomatoes. However, it has become a cult classic, and Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. is probably best known for it. This probably no longer applies to the employees of Ralphs Grocery in Los Angeles. Now it’s a man from Huwanna who stole $200 worth of equipment and got caught. Nunes Junior is lucky he didn’t go to jail, but he’ll probably have to do his shopping, at least for a while. TMZ was the first to report five-fingered news about discounts for Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.

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