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Khloe Kardashian Hangs Out With Ex Tristan Thompson And Daughter True For Quarantine

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Chloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have a child. Although they don’t meet again because of Thompson’s various cheating scandals, the family spends more time than ever before because of the Kovid 19 pandemic and the resulting national self-quarantine.

The American magazine recently spoke to a source near the Kardashian star, who said the trio are currently hanging out together in these difficult times. The other insider explained that Chloe doesn’t have really bad feelings for Tristan anymore.

Since then, she’s put the fraud scandals behind her. Many fans on the net wondered if they would get back together because they spend so much time with their families. The source turned to this rumor and claimed she had a soft spot for him.

The insider added: Chloe was open and receptive to Tristan because, after all, he’s the father of truth. As mentioned earlier, Tristan, a 29-year-old Cleveland Cavalier player, offered a glimpse into his family life earlier this week.

He shared several egotists on his grandmother, including an old school Puff Daddy t-shirt on the couch. Chloe, for her part, spent time sharing inspiring quotes and memories on social networking sites, reminding people how important it is to stay at the door.

As fans of the Kar-Jenner family know, Chloe and Tristan look after their only child together as a divorced couple after commemorating their affair in February 2019. A source who spoke to Us magazine a year later stated that there were no plans to return to the old relationship in the near future.

As mentioned above, Chloe and Tristan have been involved in not one, but two fraud scandals since the beginning of their relationship, including in 2018 when Tristan was caught cheating when she was about to have children.


Tristan also cheated on her again with Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordine Woods, although it has been reported that they only kissed at the party.


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