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Love Aaj Kal movie review: Sara Ali Khan, Kartik Aaryan’s Valentine’s Day offering is love’s labour’s lost – bollywood

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Love Aaj Kal
Kartik Aaryan, Sarah Ali Khan, Randip Huda, Aarushi Sharma
Director: Imtiaz Ali

The first thought that comes to mind after seeing Imtiaz Ali’s Valentine’s proposal, Love Aaj Kal, is something that could encourage the director to re-tell this ten-year-old story, with modern characters who are confused, insecure and frivolous? Or was it just a reckless decision to exploit the madness of her leading couple – Kartik Aaryan and Sarah Ali Khan – when Sarah expressed her wish to meet Kartik in a café with Karan?

Watch here the trailer of Love Aaj Kal

Whatever the reason, with this reboot of his own 2009 film of the same name, Imtiaz once again invites you into a world of imperfect people, complex situations and dysfunctional relationships that fail to weave everything together.

The remarkably uncomfortable Veer (Kartik) meets Zoey (Sara) at the bar, who aspires to a career, and they end up sleeping together. But Vir stops halfway and lets them down because he thinks they should be more serious before they have sex. Soon he becomes a stalker who ends up in the same study as Zoe (Randip Hooda). Today, Ragu is a thoughtful loner who once gave up everything in Udaipur to be with the girl he loved, Lina (the newcomer Aarushi Sharma) in Delhi, but soon turned into a Casanova who slept with almost every woman he met.

Returning to the management team, while Zoé has her own five-year plan – she wants to start her own events company and only then enter into a long-term relationship; Vir, an engineer, is not a very good planner. He just lands on his bike to pick up Zoe and drop her off at her appointments if no abnormality is detected. After some initial resistance, Zoé eventually falls in love with him, and soon there are some conflicts between them and with her inner self.

Sarah Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan as Zoe and Veer in Love Aaj Kal’s film.

On the one hand you have a picture that tells Sarah the day you feel I’m starting to annoy you, I’ll get out of your life, but on the other hand Randip can’t help telling his own fairy tale and making Sarah doubt his own decisions.

If you’re talking about complicated love stories for a big movie, wake up and smell the coffee. You can deal with complex characters as well as complex stories, but both can be confusing and in the end the audience feels helpless and ashamed. In a way, that’s the emotion I left behind after Love Aaj Kal’s visit. While Kartik and Sarah have done everything to make you believe in their incredibly complex love story, it’s a boring story and a boring script that has spoiled me. The first half, slow and boring, is followed by the second, seemingly predictable, making you yawn in different places.

Like the original, this film is cut between two time windows, but the terribly unstable editing makes it impossible to keep investing in both. The flashback sequences of Randeep’s story are interrupted too often to fit into the modern environment. Because the film is not linear, a cleaner story was needed.

If you compare Kartik’s doubles, he is much more fascinating than a young stew, a city boy with his eccentricity and obsession for the girl. I wouldn’t mind if Imtiaz just played this story as an independent story. Like Vir, he missed that connection somewhere. As for his presence on the big screen, you’ll see a more mature and clear map than in Punchnama’s films or his previous releases on the big screen.

Think of Aaryan as a ragu from another time zone in Lav Aai Kal.

Sarah easily fits into Zoé’s role, even though she sometimes makes a little noise and bends the walking stick. She looks great on screen and her wardrobe is enviable.

Aaroushi is slim, simple and lets his expression and face impress more than his dialogues. Randip looks great with that moustache behind the wheel, and frankly, that’s the best there is in the whole movie. There is something about his character that arouses immediate curiosity, and you want to see more of him. His scenes with Sarah are enchanting, and at some point you really think there’s a spark in between. Sarah’s chemistry on the canvas with the painting is also cute, but in most cases she seems more surprised by it than in real life.

Imtiaz – once known as the best storyteller in the romantic genre – clearly got carried away as a director and tried to reshape what had already happened. The problem is that he actually thought such a story would work in 2020 if you don’t see people like Vir and Zoey in real life, which is too soon to worry about anything. Bending on stereotypes wasn’t very good either. Showing a woman the indecision in her relationship because she cannot reconcile it with her career is something that made sense years ago. You talk about women like a multitasker. So Imtiaz needs to refresh his idea of love and romance. It’s true that he tries to go into depth and reveal the vision of his characters on different levels, but you have to understand that the film as a whole had to have a certain resonance. This may not only affect the way you perceive love, but it must also be more real and recognizable, and I-Kal love is not enough.

Read it: Love Aaj Kal is perhaps Kartik Aaryan’s greatest discovery for 10 rupees, based on the alchemy between him and Sarah Ali Khan.

In addition to the story, the music of the film is well suited to support the story. Meaningful text and constructive scores break the monotony of the same things that have been hammered into our consciousness.

Love Aaj Kal is a film made for the millennium, simply because it is a modern love story, but even then it should have been treated much better. Maybe if you get free tickets for the couple and you don’t have the best plans for D-day with your lover.

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