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Matthew Lillard is ready to go back to Scream 5 as Stu.

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Scream’s original star, Matthew Lillard, says he is willing to reprint his role for the next sequel to Scream 5, although the prospect seems unlikely. In the original role of the cult horror franchise, Lillard played the unforgettable role of Stu Macher, one of the two teenagers who were one of the killers in the scarecrow’s masked face in the last film. Those who have seen Wes Craven’s classics may remember that Stu was eventually killed by Niv Campbell’s last girlfriend, Sidney Prescott, but that didn’t stop Lillard from hoping for a return to the Creek series.

Recently, in a conversation with TooFab, Billard was asked directly about the Scream franchise, whether it would be open for the upcoming fifth film. Yeah, yeah, I’m free, yeah! Lillard answered, visibly excited by the opportunity. There’s no one who couldn’t go back and play the role he had to play as a boy and do something else, just as a man would be fascinating. It’s just that you don’t get that chance very often, he adds. Lillard also admits that he can’t imagine them going down that road, but at the same time he says it’s unlikely that Stu will ever return to Scream 5.

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It is clear that the return of Matthew Lillard as Stu will present serious creative challenges for filmmakers, as it must be explained that the character actually survived by being hit in the face by television and electrocuted in the original film. Strange things have certainly happened in horror franchises, but for long time fans of the series, it can still be a hard pill to swallow. When you see David Gordon Green’s Halloween reboot undo the end of John Carpenter’s original film, you must also acknowledge the possibility that the fifth scream could change the end of the first one by showing that Stu was alive.

Ironically, the idea of Stu’s return to the Scream series was conceived many years ago by Wes Craven. Digging a little deeper into the history of the Creek franchise, Lillard has already said that the original Creek 3 version contained the twisted part of Stu, who controlled the murders from his prison cell, and in the same way revealed the character that survived the original Creek. Because Stu used high school students for his contract killings, the concept was completely destroyed after the Columbine massacre. This led to a complete rewrite of the concept of Scream 3, leaving Stu on the floor of the newsroom.

Another way to bring Stu for Scream 5 back to life is by finally bringing the story into the realm of the paranormal, which is different from all the previous shots in the series. Maybe the Ghostface is dressed as Stu’s zombie face? Funny as it seems, this seems unlikely, given Neva Campbell’s insistence on making Wes Craven and the Scream a franchise of which he is proud. Campbell, for his part, also confirmed that she had discussed with the producers the possibility of participating in the film, and David Arquette said he would return as Dewey. This message is from TooFab.

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