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Meiyang Chang called coronavirus by two men on bike, asks ‘how do you punish people for stupidity, ignorance?’ – tv

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Journalist Meiyan Chan said he faced racism even as the country struggled with the coronavirus epidemic. He said he was referred to online not only as Coronavirus, but also as a crown when he was jogging.

He wrote about Instagram: In times of crisis, some people find themselves in a worse version of themselves. Or was it them all along? In light of #racism and discrimination online and in public against Northeast Indians and Indochinese And I thank you all for your continued humanism and love since this article failed yesterday (or today, depending on the city you are in). I’ve read your messages and I’m very, very moved by your kind words. Let us remain united; in spirit and in philosophy. Now and always and for the wandering trolls that still spit poison on my timeline; I tell you how we would return to Bihar Jarkand Bhak sala-tumba to sala just PR ke bhi kaabil nahil ho lekin tumko bhi dirgiau bhava Stay safe, stay healthy, everyone.

The actress Antara Mitra responded quickly to the ad and wrote: Channanggg!!! Right! !!! This country is full of shit! Everywhere… Channngg!!! Right! !!! This country is full of shit! Everywhere…

In an interview with the Times of India, Mayan said that I jog in front of my house in Mumbai every day. The other day two guys rode past me on my bike, screaming the crown and laughing. I wanted to shout and throw at the most desirable Gaali, but I didn’t feel like it. How do you punish people for their stupidity or ignorance? Over the years, I’ve grown accustomed to these remarks, and yes, they’re offensive. I’m trying to keep going and be optimistic, but this concerns you.

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They used to call me Chinese, Zinc and Nepali. I think we as a country happen to be racist, whether it’s skin colour, caste or ethnic origin. Lately, my friends have been teasing me about Jangxi Raho. Of course, I know they can’t hurt and there’s no ulterior motive. It’s just fun. Problems start when randomly chosen people do this maliciously. A few days ago I complimented a friend at Instagram, but some guys who had nothing to do with me called me a coronavirus in the comments section. I took a screenshot of those comments, I blurred their names because I don’t believe in public shame, and I put them on my site. Later, they apologized to me and I missed it, Maya said.

The Mayans won the third edition of Indian Idol and continued the show for the next two seasons.


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