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Mumbai: Made free of charge, public toilets struggling to pay staff salary, ‘The D.L. Hughley Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Collapsing During Stand-Up Show

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With local restaurants and shops opening nationwide and Dave Shapelle’s long-awaited return to the buffet last week, comedian D.L. Hugley decided to present the show in a crowded bar. However, things didn’t quite go as planned. The actor fell unconscious in the middle of the set and fell off a chair before anyone could catch him. After the incident at Nashville Hospital, he tested positive for VIDOC-19.

D.L. Hewley himself confirmed the diagnosis on the Instagram video today. He’s offering to explain what happened. And in case you’re wondering, someone also posted a video from the buffet that captures the comedian fainting in front of an audience.

# Thank you for your prayers #TeamDLpic.twitter.com/dSQiNtsgMr

– D.L. Hugley (@RealDLHughley) 21. June 2020.

After D.L. Hewley confirmed his diagnosis of the coronavirus, he was released from Nashville hospital and sent to a hotel where he said he would be quarantined for the next 14 days. The actor and activist said he was being treated for severe exhaustion and dehydration. And COWID-19’s confirmation came as a shock to him. He said he was asymptomatic and the only sign of his illness was that he had fainted and told a joke.

They did a series of tests and I also tested positive for KOVID-19, so I hesitated to go. … Apparently, I just fainted. So besides everything you have to watch out for, if your ass falls on stage in the middle of the show, you’ll probably have to get tested too.

D.L. Hugley thanked his admirers for their prayers and good wishes. He also refers to the actors who said terrible things about him last night, although he does not wish them any harm. The incident took place last Friday night at the Zanis Nashville comedy club. It was decided that the actor had to be removed from the stage.

In a video from the boss of the comedy club we see a 57-year-old comedian stumble over his words before he pauses his speech. Then he starts to sit back in his chair. The employees thought there was something wrong with Hewley and a man rushed to help him. He was caught, but he fell to the ground. Then Zanis’ people pushed him out of the building.

One of Zani’s presenters urged the crowd to remain seated and calm. We have everything under control. At the time of the collapse, Friday night, he was unfamiliar with the coronavirus. Congressman Hugley told TMZ that the actor, who suffered from exhaustion after a full week of work and travel, spent the night in the hospital for tests prescribed by the doctor. He wakes up and feels better, and he wants to thank everyone for their prayers and very kind thoughts.

You can see a repeat of the incident in the video below. D.L. Hugley is perhaps best known for his sitcom Hugley, which was broadcast from 1998 to 2002. For a long time he was also active on stage as a stand-up comedian. It is unclear whether the principals of Zenis were encouraged to test or not. The news is on the deadline.

DL Hugley fainted at his buffet in Zenis Nashville tonight. Pray for him! pic.twitter.com/qoE1CzbqHf

– Brooks Golightly (@brooklynluv) 20. June 2020.

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