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Picard Easter Eggs and References In the Season 1 Finale

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This week, the first season of Star Trek: Picard’s over. CBS All Access has offered fans one month of free admission to get information for the final Et in Arcadio Ego, Part 2. I’m warning you that the episode is being followed by Spires.

Star Trek: In the final of Picardy, Jean-Luc Picard organised a rally to repel the Romulan fleet, die and resurrect it in the body of an android after saying goodbye to Data. In the midst of all this he developed a new variant of the classic spaceship, saw his former first officer return to service and dropped some classical lines.

As in the previous episodes of the series, the final of Star Trek contains excellent reviews: The next generation. Read on and we’ll discuss it.

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Everything is for this season Picara, but the good admiral will return for more adventures. CBS All Access updated the series in the second season. The letter has already begun, and Sir Patrick Stewart will return as Jean-Luc Picard.

Annika’s Birthday

During a fight between Seven Nine and Narissa, Narissa makes a joke about Seven Nine. She says everything poor Annika got for her birthday has been assimilated.

It’s a clue to the origin of the Seven. As a child, she and her family were aboard the ship Raven when it was found and assimilated by the Borg Collective.

Picardic maneuver

(Photo: CBS)

While Picard and Yurati try to find a way to stop the Romulan fleet, Yurati remembers that Picard has a spaceship maneuver named after him. She falsely believes he did it on Enterprise. Picard corrects here and lets them know that he is the initiator of the Star Trek movement.

The manoeuvre developed by Picardy during the space battle against the Ferengi ship was Picardy’s idea. In this step you get out of warp and head straight for an enemy ship to confuse its sensors, thinking that the Picardians’ ship is in two places at once.


When they’ve come up with their plan, Yurati asks Picard to do it. It’s a good version of Star Trek: The next generation.

In the film, the new generation of Picardians talk a lot: Do this after discussing the action plan with the official. It was his way of making the decision official.

Captain Riker

This is the moment that was expected in the previous episode of Star Trek: Picard. Will Riker returns to Starfleet to lead a squadron of ships to save Picardy from the Romulans.

Riker was promoted from Enterprise to Commander of the Titan in Star Trek: Nemesis. He’s not in command of the Titan here, but it’s still good for Capt Riker in action.

Treaty of Algiers

In his contacts with the Romulans, Riker referred to the Treaty of Algiers to claim the fatherland of plastic in the name of the Federation. This contract is often mentioned in Star Trek: The next generation, when Starfleet met the Romulans.

The treaty was signed 160 years after the Romulan War. The treaty redefines the neutral zone and prohibits Starfleet from developing a cloaking device for its ships.

StaflotOld uniforms

After Picard’s death he was welcomed by Data in a quantum simulation. The set is like a Star Trek set: Last episode All the Good Things of the Next Generation.

Later, Data became professor of mathematics at Lucas in Cambridge. So he lives in the same house as Isaac Newton when he held this position. The phrase you see in Picardic isn’t exactly the same as in All Good Things, but it seems clear that it’s meant as a tribute to the last TNG, just like the cloak Data will be wearing when he dies.

Aging Android

(Photo: CBS)

Picard will be put in a golem. This new android body doesn’t give him superpowers. That doesn’t make him immortal either, but it does give him back the years he would have had if his brain diseases hadn’t existed.

Looks like an enhanced version of the aging protocols that Dr. Song has programmed into Data. This programming forces Data to show the external effects of aging, although nothing has been said about the possible death of Data due to aging.

Blue sky

When Data dies, he puts on a record that plays Blue Sky. This song also appeared at the premiere of the Picardy series.

Dates sang Blue Sky at the wedding of Will Riker and Deanna Troy in Star Trek: Nemesis. B-4 sang to him after Data’s memories were downloaded at the end.


(Photo: Trae Patton/CBS)

This is another of Picardy’s slogans that has already appeared in this series. A sign is used here when the crew of the La Serena leaves the world of plastics.

Attraction is the word Picard often uses when instructing his mate to change course. It is used here because Picardy instructs its crew to leave this mission and start a new one.

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