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RHONJ – Jennifer Aydin donates 5,000 Masks to Hospitals after recovery from COVID-19.

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The real housewives of Jennifer Aydin from New Jersey tested positive for KOVID-19 in April, after several symptoms, such as severe headaches, because her father and daughter also reacted positive to the virus. Now all her family members are healed and a reality TV star returns to the forefront of health workers by donating 5,000 masks to hospitals in New Jersey and New York.

When I had the coronavirus, I noticed that my masks were very fragile at the time, Aydin said recently on page six. Anyone would ask me how I got the contract or whatever, and that’s what I do: I was at the grocery store. It’s the only place I’ve ever been.

I’m on my way to @lenoxhill to donate 2,000 masks.

– 4. Jennifer Aidin (@JenniferAydin) May 2020.

Aydin says that after recovering from the virus, she asked her husband, a plastic surgeon, to give her the N95 mask. Unfortunately, he didn’t have access to the masks. So she thought, if the doctor’s wife could barely get the N95 masks, what about the average citizen?

She made several phone calls and Aydin finally contacted the manufacturer of her ultimate beauty pillow and ordered 10,000 masks to support the local hospitals. Aydin says she never told anyone about buying masks because she didn’t want to curse it. She wanted to make sure the shipment was delivered and once she had the masks, she contacted the governor of New Jersey to find out who she needed most.

Aydin sent 3,000 masks to the Bergen New Bridge Center in Paramus, New Jersey, and then contacted family, friends, and the cast RHONJ to see if they needed masks. Through producer RHONJ Eiding, Lenox contacted Hill Hospital in New York and gave them 2000 masks.

The star of reality TV says she also donated a thousand N95 masks, only to several people who sent her DMs on social networking sites and asked for her help. Aydin says that every time she sees a new application, if she can, she puts masks in an envelope. Then she or her assistant goes directly to the post office and sends masks to those who need them.

Thanks @jenniferaydin, star of BRAVO The Real Housewives of New Jersey and his family for donating masks to our medical heroes! @govmurphy @firstladynewjersey @njprf #kn95facemask #frontlines #wearebergennewbridgestrong pic.twitter.com/MnQ4nBCK6G

– NewBridgeMedicalCtr (@NewBridgeMedicalCtr) 6. May 2020.

Because her husband is a surgeon, Aidin also keeps some masks for her husband’s patients at Aidin’s Plastic Surgery Centre. She says he intends to reopen his case after the lifting of quarantine and the ban on institutionalisation. She also said they already have patients calling because people want their Botox and injections.


Jennifer Aydin says she feels good and is as good as new after the novel Coronavirus. She says she’s glad she didn’t get the virus as much as the others, because it was a little scary for a minute.


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