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Steve Kerr on the ‘highest level’ game he has ever seen

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State Golden Warriors head coach Steve Kerr won the championship as player and coach. If you want to ask someone how you can win in basketball, they will be a reliable source because they have been close to some of the best players who have ever seen the game.

Although he has seen a lot of good basketball in his life, he believes that nothing can beat the level of basketball that his Warriors played against the Cleveland Cavalier in the 2017 NBA final. His attention was especially drawn to the second game of the series.

According to Wes Goldberg of the Mercury News, Kerr says he hasn’t seen basketball of this calibre since.

I think this is the highest level of basketball I’ve ever seen in my life. I thought they were the best team Cleveland’s seen in four years. I thought they were much better this year than last year, when they beat us at seven. Of course it was much better when we included Kevin Durant in the mix and we were healthy, motivated and ready to work. So the level of the game was simply breathtaking. Especially at the end of the offensive, Steve Kerr said.

You know, for me it was when it all came together that the game would become a game without position and distance. We got to a point in the series where LeBron played the A – he played like a point center, and to them he’s the biggest man on the field. And they had four arrows around him, and he just penetrated, and they were so far away that they had to respect everyone, and he could just reach the edge.

So it was scary to protect her. They were also afraid to protect us.

This series was certainly one to remember. Both teams had their best results, but the Warriors eventually defeated Lebron James and the Cavaliers.

Kerr also called the Dubov team the best team he coached in 2017. The Voinov team not only has the experience of the championship, but also won a 3rd place this summer. Kevin Durant.

Some may disagree with Kerr – especially since he is in the final of 2016 after the historic return of Lebron and Cavs – but it is difficult to argue with the man who played with Michael Jordan in Chicago.

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