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Telangana: Covid ‘s positive doctor writes to Guv to postpone the exams, says it’s difficult to cope with stress and health problems.

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Author – Rahul V Pisharodi
| Hyderabad

Update : 13. June 2020 15:44:46


A physician in training, whose name is not available on request, reports that he has been in training since 1 January 2009. June at Gandhi Hospital. (AP photo/Ted S. Warren, file)

A young doctor from the Ottoman Medical College in Hyderabad, who is currently being treated at Gandhi General Hospital with several of her Kovid 19 Fellows, wrote a letter to the Governor of the State of Telangan, Dr. Tamilisay Sundarajan, requesting that he intervene in the postponement of the 20th to 29th anniversary of the Kovid 19 Fellowship. The latest BKG reviews are scheduled for June.

I have personally seen how difficult it is to be isolated in this critical situation. It is simply impossible to prepare for exams in this environment. This mental anxiety prevents me from concentrating on exam preparation. I’m afraid I won’t do well in my exams and I’ll lose my school year because of an accident. It is simply impossible to tackle everything at once: the health problem, the studies, the control nerves and the social stigma, the 29-year-old wrote in a letter.

The governor, doctor by profession, is also rector of the Kaloya Narayana Rao University of Medical Sciences (KNRUHS), which conducts research. A trainee doctor, whose name is not mentioned on request, has stated that he has been a doctor since 1 January 2007. June at Gandhi Hospital. The doctor, who is a final-year PhD student, thinks the governor could have had a better understanding of the situation as a doctor himself. However, the response to his e-mail is still pending.

The graduate student is recovering quickly and is expected to be released and quarantined within a few days. Honestly, there is no place in my house where my family members can be quarantined. In addition, a two-week quarantine at home means that I cannot take part in the first two exams. When I go home, my parents and family may be infected with the virus through me, said the young doctor, who pointed out that several international studies show that patients who test positive for Covid-19 are still contagious after 30 to 40 days.

He went on to say: I firmly believe that this pandemic situation is not the right time for a test. The Ottoman Medical School has become a focal point of Covid-19; there is a high risk for all postgraduate students (and their family members, including babies and the elderly with related diseases in their families) who will take their exams.

When he was contacted by phone, the assistant physician said that the final exams would determine the fate of his career, for which physicians like him have sacrificed 8 to 10 years.

When asked how he contracted the disease, the doctor replied that a friend and former employee of MBBS had visited him at the Ottoman Medical College hostel. He came to Hyderabad for a physical examination and a positive Covida test. I was studying for my exams when I was in my dorm. After him, I had a positive test with symptoms, Mahabubnagar’s doctor added, who was one of the first PSCs to test positive for Covida.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights petitioned the Supreme Court of Telangana in.

Dr. K. Mahesh Kumar, president of the Healthcare Reform Physicians Association (HRDA), told indianexpress.com that between the 20th and 29th anniversaries, the number of people being treated for health problems is expected to increase. By June, about 1,400 PhD students from across the state will take their final exams.

The government is in too much of a hurry to organize the processes and they can wait until the pandemic is over, he said. The 1,400 SRs waiting for their exams are a very large workforce. They have a lot of experience and can currently be used as older residents in the fight against the pandemic. Since they are currently preparing exams, they are not being used, Dr Kumar added.

On the 12th. On 28 June, the Human Rights Office petitioned the Supreme Court of Telangana requesting the suspension of the PDRC messages of 28 June. May request the State to order the deployment of graduate students while they continue their studies as senior students.

The plaintiff’s counsel informed the court that the dormitory of the Ottoman Medical University is now a focal point. A dozen GHG students, including interns, were invited to the 30th anniversary party. Could be infected. Other GHGs have also been infected. Many doctors and experts undergoing PG have been exposed. Although the test was performed and the results were negative, the incubation time for Covida-19 turned out to be 28 days, they said.

Moreover, the petition reiterates that of the 1,405 doctoral and bachelor students who were to take the examination in the context of the disputed notice, there were 663 students at colleges of higher education in the DMCG district and the Rangareddi district.

In a petition, a copy of which can be found on indianexpress.com, the lawyer also informed the court that because of the situation in the neighbouring Covid-19 states, such as Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, they have postponed their doctoral/dental examinations and continue to benefit from their valuable services, while continuing to work as senior

The complainant argued that the State should not take measures that endanger the health, life and rights of doctors. The lives of physicians/course students undergoing screening cannot be endangered as the coronavirus is increasing in the AIHA area and in the Rangareddi region. There is no evidence that the size and scope of business is decreasing and that people’s lethal occupations are weakening.

According to a medical bulletin from the 12th. Published on June 6 by the Directorate of Public Health and Family Welfare, there are 4,484 positive cases of Covid-19 in the State, of which 4,484 are active and undergoing treatment in 2032. The number of infected is 174.

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