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Von Miller’s hilarious reaction to being only remaining starter from Super Bowl 50 team

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The Miller’s Denver Broncos star defender was the last player of the Super Bowl 50 team in 2015. Miller, a 31-year-old former Texas A&M sweatshirt collector, took stock of his time in the Broncos, and his main conclusion is that Nicki Jhabvala of Twitter The Athletic is quite old.

Von Miller was asked on the phone today if he was the only remaining starter for the Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

When I look at him and I see I’m the last one here, I look at him, I’m fucking old. It was 2016.

– Niki Jabwala (@NickiJabvala) 6. April 2020.

The Broncos won the Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers in the (future) Peyton Manning Quarterback Hall of Fame, and Miller of course supported Denver’s high defense. The Broncos only lost 10 points in the 15-1 Panther and MVP loss to Cam Newton, meaning Carolina lost two quarter finals in that game.

Although, as with football, this happened just over four years ago, sales of the Broncos have proven that Miller is the last holder of the Mile High City team.

Miller, a long-time Pro Bowl player and former 2011 Rookie of the Year on defense, still leads the Broncos on defense. Last season, he recorded eight sacks – the lowest since his third NFL season at the age of five, in which he played only nine games due to a disqualification and a late ACL injury.

Miller has kept the Broncos as an elite defense despite the change of coach, as well as the players who come and go. After winning the Super Bowl 50 in 2015, Denver took fourth place in the NFL Yards and Points next season. Since then, the Broncos are in both categories in the upper half of the championship, with the exception of the points from the 2017 season.

Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals.

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