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Warzone’ trio beats their own record for kills in a single match

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The call of duty: Warzone is currently one of the most popular video games in the world. One in ten. Released in March, the video game could bring together millions of players from around the world in less than three weeks and climb to the top of the most popular games list. In the first 10 days of the video game it has managed to attract over 30 million players, and it is clear that Activision and Infinity Ward have won the jackpot, as it could become the most popular fighting game for the piano.

During the call of duty: Warzone is still in its infancy, some players have already separated from the rest of the pack.

Today, many gamers are looking for new records in the game, and as with other Battlewing video games, the most popular record is the number of murders in a game. Recently, just a week after the release of the game, the trio, which set a record for the number of in-game murders, broke its own record and once again surprised the community.

The new record is unbelievable.

Mark Zepa Žepakic, Lymax and Micka are three players in Call of Duty: Varzona knows each other.

A group of these three players formed a team on the 17th. The month of March, a week after the release of the game, set a record for the number of murders in a game. His record was 78, which was very impressive. With a new record at 1. However, the trio raises the bar. This time the players combined 85 murders, which seems incredible!

Zepa led the indictment and dropped a beautiful 85-millimeter bomb in a match against 34 murders.

The player ended the game and inflicted 11,222 damages on his opponents, another impressive achievement. Lymax contributed to 30 out of 85 murders with a total of 8629 injuries, while Micka set a new world record with 6910 injuries and 21 murders.

It’s very impressive to bring down 85 opponents in a single game, especially when you consider that when the team landed on the ground there were only 139 out of 150 players in the game.

The trio has been aggressive from the start and it will undoubtedly be very difficult to beat this record.

The race for the new record.

Over 85 murders in a single Call of Duty: The game in Varzon will be difficult for everyone. Many factors have contributed to setting a new world record, and there is no doubt that the trio have been lucky in some cases. After all, the players had to drive with robberies, safety zones and other things to get 85 murders in one game.

While the record can certainly be broken again, it can get complicated when Infinity Ward changes some aspects of the game.

For example, if the game developer does something with Respawn and Gulag, players won’t be able to destroy many enemies in a game.

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